SHE HAS RISEN™ and the SHE HAS RISEN™ FOUNDATION was founded by Maxine Carter. Maxine is a Spiritual Medium, Fully Qualified Psychotherapist, Spiritual Healer, USUI Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapist.

The SHE HAS RISEN™ brand has been inspired by Maxine's own healing path and created for those who are on theirs. SHE HAS RISEN™ for women who have stepped into their power. The Divine Feminine. 

For the Divine Masculine and Men SHE HAS RISEN™. This also incorporates the LGBTQ+ Community. The Rising collection for Children and Teens.  

15% of your investment in our products are going towards the SHE HAS RISEN™ FOUNDATION. A Healing Refuge and Retreats for those affected by domestic abuse. Women, Men, the LGBTQ+ Community and Children. 


All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to SHE HAS RISEN™ and Amethyst Fox™ and all content of this website is owned by SHE HAS RISEN™ FOUNDATION. Copying, adaptation or other use without the written permission of SHE HAS RISEN™ FOUNDATION is prohibited.


SHE HAS RISEN™ is a U.K Registered Trademark® and a U.S pending Registered Trademark®. Amethyst Fox™ Attic is a U.K Registered Trademark®.